Terms & Conditions

All Software and Data are client responsibility. Please ensure to back up all the data before you submit your device for repair, also ensure your laptop does not carry any more company offered warranty. ~After receiving of your device we will send you e-receipt by email with all specification of laptop we have received in presence of you. You must have to preserve the e-Receipt issued to you for the purpose of all future reference and the same must not be shared with anyone except SPECTRUM TECHNOLOGY’s official.
~As a matter of procedure, payment estimate is shared with customer over WhatsApp/SMS/E-Mail for their information and approval. If customer does not approve the estimate for repair, then he/she will have to pay diagnosis fees (Rs.500.00 –Rs.1000.00 depending on the device concerned) and take back his/her device. However, at later stage, if customer changes his mind and comes back to us within 30 days, he/she is exempted from diagnosis fees applicable otherwise.

If Customer approves the repair estimate offered, then his laptop is repaired by us with due diligence and pickup notification is issued to the customer. In this scenario, customer need to receive the repaired laptop within 15 days of repair to get best of the repair result. But, Service Centre may not be held responsible for the quality and perfection of the repaired item, if customer fails to take delivery within 15days from the date of getting pickup notification. However, if customer comes and pickup his repaired laptop within 15 to 90 days from the repair notification, he will still be entertained to receive his repaired laptop, where he cannot be able to challenge the quality of repair.

Beyond 90 days of repair notification, if the product is unclaimed and not collected then service centre will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the repaired laptop. In this scenario Service Centre will have the right to dispose the products at it’s own discretion without any prior notice and compensation to the customer. ~Customers are requested to thoroughly check the specification of the repaired laptop whether it is matching to the specifications before repair or not? If any deviation noticed he/she need to brought to the notice of the service centre (Spectrum Technology) and get it resolved, failing which he/she cannot come back again at later stage to claim deviations noticed if any. At the time of taking delivery of your device service centre asks the customer to produce the e-receipt and OTP which service centre sends the customer by his/her registered email id.
~All Disputes are subject to BHUBANESWAR jurisdiction only.